Autoclave for composite part curing

One of JD’C INNOVATION’s strengths is that it has its own autoclave for polymerizing composite parts and multi-material panels (honeycomb cells, foam, etc.) in compliance with AMS 2750 (class 2).

This cutting-edge technology is used to produce high-quality “critical” composite parts, mainly for the Aeronautics and Defence sectors.

Good to know :

  • Technically, working with an autoclave allows us to make prepreg parts out of glass fibre and carbon fibre, up to 3 metres long and 2 metres wide.
  • Polymerization cycles (up to 200 degrees and between 0 and 10 bars of pressure) are systematically recorded by the autoclave monitoring system and supplied with the parts on request.


This autoclave allows the curing of composite parts from a simple panel to a multi-fonctionnal composite assembly. JD’C Innovation showcases these parts in the “Manufactured composite part & assemblies” section.