Dear customers, dear partners, dear suppliers,

The situation caused by COVID-19 is evolving from day to day.

As you know, the Federal Government has imposed a much stricter confinement period since Wednesday 18 March, while leaving companies the opportunity to go on with their activities. Further to those measures, what is the current situation at JD’C ?

Our foodstuffs and hygienic products packaging activity is going on in order to ensure the supply of retailers whose outlets naturally remain open.

We had initially maintained our social lodgings renovating activity so as to enable the beneficiaries not to have to to postpone entering those lodgings. Unfortunately, we have had to halt it as it was getting difficult to do so in sufficient good sanitary and safety conditions  for our workers. The activities related to the green spaces maintenance have temporarily been halted but we are going to start them again seeing the early spring season.

As far as our technical divison is concerned (connectics, manufacturing of composite materials …), we have slowed down our activities given that the majority of our customers and suppliers have interrupted theirs. However, we are processing the orders for which we have the necessary components.

Every day we take stock of the situation in order to adapt best to the latest developments by taking into account the common interest as well as the interests of the company and our workers.

We want to guarantee the safety and protect the health of our workforce. Therefore, we ask you to get in touch with your usual contact person, by phone or by mail, as we have implemented telework for most of our employees since then.

We have strengthened all our hygiene measures, yet very strict already.  We comply with the social distancing of 1.5m between people, whether it is in our workshops, our offices, our canteens or on the means of transport run by our company.

We thank you for your trust in this difficult period and we will of course keep you informed about the evolution of the situation.

Pierre-Philippe Grignard

General Manager